New Club Website

Welcome to the new Winnipesaukee Radio Controllers website!

The new club website has some great new features:

  • Club News
  • Public and Private Forums
  • Photo Gallery

I’d like to encourage everyone to explore the site, upload some photos and give us your suggestions for more things you’d like to see.


  • The more of these we get, the better. I would like to fill out the gallery with a few hundred pictures if possible.
  • Upload photos you want to see to here: (Registration Required)


  • We need topics in a lot of categories. I’m open to any suggestions people have.
  • If you would like to begin contributing to articles, please let me know by posting a comment below.
  • Here are some examples of the things I’m thinking:
    • Getting started with RC
    • Indoor Flying
    • Joining the club
    • Many more

10 thoughts on “New Club Website

  1. Can not find your field. Looked for it on Monday to try and hooh up with someone next Sunday to find out about belonging to club. Believe I was a member about 20 years ago. Left the area. Now in Barnstead.

    • Hi Dennis,
      We’re not out at the field too often in the winter. The road is not plowed. Your best bet is to meet up with us at the Gilford Community Center on Tuesday nights from 8-11 pm.

      • Dennis Verrill

        Could I get directions to field, coming from barnstead. Would like to meet some on there if possible to join club and fly, Thanks/ Dennis

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